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Course Overview:

Gestalt Psychology is an approach to mental wellness that helps people
- resolve past conflicts and
- become more present.


It can help people address symptoms of mental health conditions. The various tools and techniques you will learn will help you unmask all emotions that are not you and help you transform into your true self.

As Associates, we’ll work on feeling the present moment and understanding our environment,and our thought processes to perceive the environment around us.
Dive into the 20 fundamental tools of gestalt with an experiential learning through various activities and exercises, we’ll learn to dissociate from what's not us to associate with the beauty of the present moment. 

An immersive 4 day live training experience, offering a hybrid flexibility: 

  • Attend in person in Mumbai or 

  • Join online from the comfort of your home

Learning Outcomes:

Counseling Skills 

Counselors will be able to help patients​

  • Creating a safe space for client.

  • Learn to perceive the layers of clients' pain point. 

  • Learn to clear neural pathway for therapy.

  • Learn to dissociate to bring clarity for renewed focus.

Therapy Tools 

Coaches will be able to help clients​

  • Connecting with ones true self. 

  • Detecting and acknowledging layers that need therapy.

  • Natural element therapy.

  • Understanding burdens and letting go. 

  • Structuring research objective

  • Studying past cases.

  • Mentored meticulous observation

     Organized Documentation.

Defining academic, career and personal interests

Research Papers

Course objectives: 


We go beyond theoretical understanding, placing importance on providing practical skills for applying Gestalt psychology tools in real-world situations. The goal is to empower you with the knowledge and capabilities to make a significant and positive impact in both your professional and personal life.


Our primary aim is to empower you to incorporate Gestalt psychology tools into your professional practice.

Enhanced Problem Solving: Apply Gestalt principles to enhance your problem-solving abilities by considering the broader context and relationships within a given situation, leading to more effective and holistic solutions.

Present Moment Awareness: Emphasize the significance of being present in the moment, fostering heightened awareness and mindfulness in your professional interactions.

Conflict Resolution: Apply Gestalt principles to navigate conflicts by understanding the underlying dynamics, leading to more effective and empathetic resolutions.

Effective Communication: Utilize Gestalt psychology principles to refine your communication skills, fostering clearer expression and understanding in professional relationships.


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Fees & Enrollment: 

  • The all inclusive total course fee is INR 32,000/-.

  • Early registrations benefit from the all-inclusive Early Bird Fee of INR 27,000/-

  • Make a minimum payment required of INR 12,000/-to reserve your seat for upcoming batch.

  • Pay the balance fee using one of the easy installment plans available upto 12 months.


Registration form &

Guidelines call


Pre-work, Video Lectures & Reading Material

(15 Hours)


Live Classroom

Training with Anil Thomas

(57 Hours)


Assessments & Submissions

(8 Hours)


Manual & Certification Issuance 

Age Criteria: 21 years old or older
Eligibility: Preferable professionals from the mental health space - counselors, coaches, psychologist etc..
Medium of Instruction: English
Progression: Successful candidates after clearing all the requisites may be invited for the international Gestalt Masters Certification.

Next live training dates are from 15th to 18th Aug 2024.

A transformational 4 day live training experience, offering a hybrid flexibility: 

  • Attend in person in Mumbai or 

  • Join online from the comfort of your home

Timings 2 P.M. to 10 P. M. on all 4 days.

Admissions are open. Apply now to check vision alignment and join the course.

Early bird registrations currently ongoing.


at 223.jpg
  • Anil Thomas is an internationally certified NLP trainer and Gestalt Practitioner and owes his therapeutic skills to Dr. Richard (Dick) McHugh; SJ. Ph.D.​

  • Through Fr Dick's teaching and his love for the subject he was blessed to further learn NLP from John Grinder himself and other co-developers such as Judith DeLozier (Russia) and Robert Dilts (USA).​

  • Anil has been emboding  and living NLP across the world since 2008.

  • He is  a humble facilitator of Global Certification Courses in NLP and Gestalt across countries such as Australia, Russia, USA, Hong Kong, Thailand and China.​

  • He is  a proud mentor to the International Journal of Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Psychology (IJNGP).​

  • He is  also the creator of multiple books, podcasts, blogs and research papers. 

Hong Kong

Anil With Giants:


Sudarshana Sinha.jpeg

Sudarshana Sinha

Anil Thomas's session for Gestalt Associate course was an enriching experience. His way of explaining and bringing Fritz's teachings in front of us was truly life changing. The activities done in the course was helpful for self and it intrigued me to know more about this approach. The entire team of Anil was extremely co operative and helpful at all times because of which the course was a hassle-free experience. This is a course I would recommend for all to experience at least once.

Nikhil Damle.jpg

Nikhil Damle

I was curious to learn Gestalt, since it was one of the source disciplines of where Neuro Linguistic Programming comes from. I wouldn't say "taught", but Anil "initiated" us into Gestalt, would be more apt. The great thing about Anil is as they say "form without form" - he walked us through various simple or sometimes abstract experiential activities, and I later realised how purposefully each had been crafted

Shivani Garg.jpg

Shivani Garg

Each course with Anil is an experience by itself. His teaching style, his wisdom, knowledge, genuine desire to share this with others is unique and brings rapid transformations in the audience. Learning Gestalt with Anil has added new dimensions to my understanding of human nature and psychology. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to work on their own inner world as well any professional interacting with others.


Archetypes and Hero's Journey.png

Exploring the topic of Archetypes, the following article aims to highlight how significant it is to recognise the roles played by archetypes around us, their influential capacity, and its variation across cultural groups with relevant examples drawn from intercultural and interfaith global narratives. Not only is this an elaboration of the archetypal theory proposed by Jung, but also is going one step further to explore evolutionary, learning, and cognition theories along with their applications in the world and their integration across cultures and age groups.

Gestalt Associate Course

A Quantitative Study, Lurian Kabbalah and Gestalt Therapy


This paper explores the interplay between Jewish Lurianic Kabbalah and Gestalt Therapy, focusing on enmeshment of emotions of the client. The paper proposes a method to unmesh enmeshed emotions using principles of Lurianic Kabbalah applied to Gestalt Therapy.

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