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Psychotherapeutic tools which focuses on an individual and their relations to the world; to aid the resolution of unfinished business and conflicting parts.

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Anil Thomas

NLP Trainer and Gestalt Practitioner 


Gestalt is a form of psychotherapy which teaches you tools & provides you with therapeutic skills for awareness, acceptance and self direction. It brings clients new perspective and positive change into their lives by clear understanding of thoughts, emotions & behavior. Gestalt Therapy is an approach to mental wellness that helps people resolve past conflicts and become more present. It can help people address symptoms of mental health conditions. The various tools and techniques you will learn will help you unmask all emotions that are not you and help you transform into your true self.

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My humble contribution to the immense ocean of knowledge in this ever changing world 

I've simplified these complex concepts just for you to imbibe them better. 

Here are snippets of me in my element in my happy place with learning and teaching.

My vocal devotion to inspire your mind and heart with life advice you never knew you needed

I am more than happy to help with any doubts & questions you would like to know about.

Dr. Kalpa Shah

Homeopathic Consultant

I feel Overwhelmed with loads of gratitude for the wonderful anchor Gestalt.

Somrita Chatterjee


Gestalt helped me to be in the present moment and  connected me to my real self.

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Nikhil Damle

Vice President, Morgan Stanley

Gestalt walked me through various simple or sometimes abstract experiential activities, and I later realised how purposefully each had been crafted.

Dr. Karuna Kapil

Facilitator, Access Consciousness

By attending Gestalt workshop i experienced the potent inner silence in me and i came closer to myself.

Hong Kong

As a curious student seated in my first NLP session with Fr Dick in 2007, little did I know I would be blessed with the love and compassion of transforming lives across the world. In my experience of over 12 years as a master practitioner of NLP and being a facilitator of the subject to over ten thousand students, I have traveled across countries such as the USA, China, Thailand, Russia, Australia, Hong Kong and India as well. Being acquainted with the diversity of culture,color, race,religion and language across the globe. I've come to believe, we all are only human looking to be a little more humane. And NLP empowers me to bring this change in each one's life.

"Psychotherapeutic tools which focuses on an individual and their relations to the world; to aid the resolution of unfinished business and conflicting parts."

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