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Gestalt Cycle: The Resistance of Commerce

This brief report throws light on the evolution of humans, the various universal emotions that exist like happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, surprise and anger and the biological basis of the human brain, the two different hemispheres, the lobes and the functions that it performs.

Author Affiliations: Anil Thomas

Co-Author Affiliations: Smruti Pusalkar


Anger: Examining Anger Variations and their Effects

Anger is one of the simplest and primary emotions felt by human beings but this emotion can single-handedly give rise to various negative emotions like frustration, aggression, irritation, sadness, grief and pain


Author: Anil Thomas

Co-Author: Pranjali Vatsa

Treatment of Trauma through Integrational Dissociation and Distortion

Trauma has been one of the oldest and most difficult sufferings of humans. Even though the source of trauma has passed, there are long-lasting effects that generations have to deal with.

Author Affiliations: Anil Thomas

Co-Author Affiliations: Kumud Poptani


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