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Associate Certification Course in 
Gestalt Psychology

(Inspired by the Work of Fritz Perls & as taught by Dick McHugh)

Course Syllabus:

In this comprehensive Gestalt Psychology course, emphasis is placed on mindfulness in interventions, prioritizing the experience over verbal content. Explore Gestalt principles, heightening awareness of perceptions and inhibitions, fostering a deeper understanding of your authentic self for practical application in professional and personal growth.

Access to Pre-work content

Learn new additional

Excerpts & other study material

Assignment &

Peer Group &
working pairs

  • Included in your certification kit, the Gestalt Psychology manual is an extensive reference guide, spanning over 750 pages.

  • This comprehensive manual serves as your guide to every tool and skill outlined in the Gestalt Psychology

01. Pre-Work

3 Modules | 15 hours

  • Introduction to Gestalt 

  • Intro Day

  • What is Gestalt 

  • Gestalt Mentors 

  • Language creates experience

  • Gestalt Psychology 

  • White Triangle 

  • Intro to unfinished business and chair 

  • Role Identity

  • Psychodrama

  • Balance in Key (Polarity Collapse)

  • Integrating masculinity & femininity polarity

  • Memory and Cognition 

  • Trauma & Gestalt 

  • Abnormal Psychology

The pre-work is an essential asset for acquainting yourself with Gestalt Psychology tools and their practical applications. Available upon enrollment, it encompasses diverse materials such as videos, audios, and PDFs. This preparatory content is thoughtfully crafted to guide you in defining your course objectives and ensuring a thorough comprehension of the Gestalt Psychology principles.

02. Course Syllabus

4 Modules | 34 hours

1. Forming Beliefs: Emphasizing the organization of perceptual experiences, suggests that individuals form beliefs by integrating and organizing information into coherent and complete mental structures, influenced by principles such as closure, proximity, similarity, and gestalt shifts.

2. Psychodrama: Involves experiential role-playing techniques to explore and integrate emotions, relationships, and conflicts, fostering self-awareness and personal growth.

3. Sensing Contact: Being present in the moment, focusing on bodily sensations and direct experiences to enhance awareness and deepen one's connection with the environment.

4. Gestalt Cycle: Encapsulates the ongoing process of awareness, contact, assimilation, and withdrawal, emphasizing the dynamic nature of human experience and personal growth.


5. The Gestalt Prayer: Associated with Fritz Perls, highlights the importance of embracing personal responsibility and living in the present moment rather than dwelling on past or future concerns.


6. Unfinished Business: Involves unresolved emotions and experiences from the past that hinder present awareness, emphasizing the need to address and integrate these issues for personal growth

7. The Empty Chair: Involves symbolic dialogue and role-playing, allowing individuals to express and explore unspoken feelings, conflicts, or aspects of themselves.

8. Figure & Ground: The concept of figure and ground emphasizes the perception of distinguishing a focal object (figure) from its surrounding background (ground), illustrating the importance of context in shaping one's experiences and perceptions.

9. Pendulum Theory: That individuals oscillate between polarized states, experiencing shifts in perceptions, emotions, and behaviors as they seek balance and integration.

10. Collapsing Polarities: Involves integrating opposing aspects or conflicts within oneself to achieve a more balanced and unified experience.

11. Systemic Constellation: Involves the use of spatial arrangements and role-playing to explore family dynamics, relationships, and hidden influences on personal issues, promoting insight and resolution.

12. Allowance Before Acceptance: suggests the importance of acknowledging and understanding experiences without immediate judgment, allowing for a more authentic and comprehensive acceptance of oneself.

Next live training dates are from 15th to 18th Aug 2024.

A transformational 4 day live training experience, offering a hybrid flexibility: 

  • Attend in person in Mumbai or 

  • Join online from the comfort of your home

Timings 12pm to 10pm on all 4 days.

Admissions are open. Apply now to check vision alignment and join the course.

Early bird registrations currently ongoing.

03. Integration Submission

3 Modules | 6 hours

1. Skills Showcase video

A comprehensive and detailed  demonstration

of the tools of Gestalt.

2. Written Integration:

An evaluation based on your knowledge of theoretical concepts of Gestalt Psychology .

3. Live Integration:

An oral evaluation with the senior moderator on your understanding of the skills. 

The health indicator of human beings is imbalance, this keeps us alive. And it is through the restructuring of balance how human beings live and grow.
- Laura Perls 




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