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Masters Certification Course in 
Gestalt Psychology

(Inspired by the Work of Fritz Perls & as taught by Dick McHugh)

Course Syllabus:

Pre work : The pre- work serves as an invaluable resource for familiarizing yourself with Gestalt tools and their applications. Before you join the Masters, we provide a review of the Associate tools, helping you refresh and become acquainted with the subject. Accessible upon course registration, it comprises a variety of materials, including Videos, audios, and PDFs. This preparatory material is tailored to aid you in defining your course objectives, ensuring a thorough comprehension of the subject matter

Access to Pre-work content

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Excerpts & other study material

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Peer Group &
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  • Included in your certification kit, the Gestalt Psychology manual is an extensive reference guide, spanning over 650+ pages.

  • This comprehensive manual serves as your guide to every tool and skill outlined in the Gestalt Psychology.

01. Pre-Work

4 Modules | 10 hours

  • Gestalt prayer

  • Gestalt Therapy overview

  • Gestalt psychotherapy

  • Gestalt therapy and Gestalt Psychology

  • Principles of Gestalt by Fritz

  • Deeper into the empty chair

  • Fritz & Gloria

  • Self and it’s identification

  • Brief of the empty chair

  • Psychosomatic ailments

  • Difference in General therapeutic attitudes

  • Healthy self regulation in an emergency

  • The hierarchy of values

  • Gestalt cycle

  • Language patterns

  • Non verbal communication

  • Character and Gestalt

  • Role identity 

  • Role disparity

  • Theories of psychotherapy

  • Recollection of childhood 

  • Autobiography

  • Awareness therapy and structure of experience

  • Contact withdrawal

  • Empty chair and working with the client

  • Imaginary communication with parents empty chair

  • Integrating masculinity and femininity polarity 

GCM 1.jpg

The pre-work is an essential asset for acquainting yourself with Gestalt Psychology tools and their practical applications. Available upon enrollment, it encompasses diverse materials such as videos, audios, and PDFs. This preparatory content is thoughtfully crafted to guide you in defining your course objectives and ensuring a thorough comprehension of the Gestalt Psychology principles.

02. Course Syllabus

4 Modules | 60 hours

Module 1:

  • ​An introduction to Gestalt Therapy

  • Gestalt therapy of change

  • Gestalt Overview

  • Stages in Gestalt

  • Gestalt psychology

  • Contemporary relational perspectives in Gestalt therapy

  • Fundamentals of the Gestalt approach to counselling

  • Fertile void

  • Dialogue in Gestalt theory and therapy

Module 2:

  • Metaphors

  • The science of metaphors

  • Jungian and gestalt framework 

  • Labyrinth

  • Tetralemma

  • Sponsorship 

  • Need for balance

  • Resolving splits

  • Gestalt: the concept of Hope

  • Rational approaches in Gestalt |

  • What’s behind teh empty chair

  • Face in the world

Module 3:

  • Gestalt Therapy- Psychodrama

  • Basics of psychology

  • Mechanisms of Psychotherapy

  • Psychotherapy

  • Field theoretical psychotherauptic strategies

  • Quantum psychics

  • Non verbal communication

  • Non verbal awareness

  • Language pattern

  • Archetypes 

  • I and Thou, here and now

  • The context of life 

  • 7 hermetic principles

  • The connection 

Module 4:

  • The field- concept

  • Reflections of field theory

  • Higher dimension and Multiverse

  • God and Gestalt

  • Understanding human nature &  behaviour

  • Beyond body

  • Body Process

  • Body armour

  • The convergences of buddhist psychology with gestalt Therapy

  • Sexuality and Spirituality

Next live training dates are from 17th to 21st Dec 2024.

A transformational 5 day live training experience.

  • Attend in person in Fort Kochi, Kerala.

Timings 6am to 8pm on all 5 days.

Admissions are open. Apply now to check vision alignment and join the course.

Early bird registrations currently ongoing.

03. Integration Submission

2 Modules | 10 hours

1. Skills Showcase video

A comprehensive and detailed  demonstration of the tools of Gestalt

2. Write a research paper:

Write a research paper on one of the topics of Gestalt.

3. Written Integration:

An evaluation based on your knowledge of theoretical concepts of Gestalt.

4. Live Integration:

An oral evaluation with the senior moderator on your understanding of the skills of Gestalt.

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