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Masters Certification Course in 
Gestalt Psychology

(Inspired by the Work of Fritz Perls & as taught by Dick McHugh)

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Next live training dates are from 17th to 21st Dec 2024.

A transformational 5 day live training experience.

  • Attend in person in Fort Kochi, Kerala.

Timings 6am to 8pm on all 5 days.

Admissions are open. Apply now to check vision alignment and join the course.

Early bird registrations currently ongoing.

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249 Reviews

_Sanjyot hardikar.jpg

Sanjyot hardikar

The experiential workshop on Gestalt philosophy was a beautiful process of learning and reflection. Anil is not a teacher. He is a story teller.

Nikhil Damle.jpg

Nikhil Damle

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I was curious to learn Gestalt, since it was one of the source disciplines of where Neuro Linguistic Programming comes from. I wouldn't say "taught", but Anil "initiated" us into Gestalt, would be more apt. The great thing about Anil is as they say "form without form" - he walked us through various simple or sometimes abstract experiential activities, and I later realised how purposefully each had been crafted.

I was able to experience profound insights after each activity, at a level I have not felt before. Learning from him is like sitting under the shade of a giant banyan tree, where you can pick what you want to take away. Such is his generosity! The Gestalt experience with Anil has allowed me to be a better coach, but more importantly a better person. I've managed to heal a few relationships that needed to mend. I've always been told I need to voice out what I feel, but with Anil, I experienced that. And I'm looking forward to bring my voice to the fore, and break through some of the artificial barriers I'd created for myself.

I would recommend Anil as a coach hands down, but he's a lovely to connect with as a beautiful human being and a friend you can have a few laughs with also.

Somrita Chatterjee.jpeg

Somrita Roy

Anil embodies humility, authenticity and being present in the moment. I did Gestalt Level 1 with him and he helped me connect to my real self. I love the fact he never offer answers but has this faith on his participants that they will find answers on their own. The way he facilitated the course made me feel, 'I can also do it.' This is specially important to me because I do not come from psychology background.

I am so grateful to him, his team and my fellow buddies for the beautiful experience. My biggest takeaway was the definition of Gestalt Therapy. 'Gestalt is.....' It's you & I, here & now as told by Fritz (said by Anil).

He has a great sense of humour and I have never laughed and cried so hard; helped me cleanse my within.

Tapan Arora.jpg

Tapan arora

The course was an informal course with no ppt or too much of written literature sharing it was a "dil se" discussion on gestalt along with humorous anecdotes and I did not realize how the 4days flew, I feel I have started on a new journey and that's a fantastic feeling. Thank you Anil and the gurus for this wonderful experience.

Chavi Sharma.jpeg


I joined the program to learn about Gestalt and came out feeling what Gestalt is. Anil Thomas takes you into a space where you have no option but to go within and the tectonic shifts just happen and he holds you safely.
His sense of humor, mesmerizing communication and wisdom teaches you without teaching. Putting in words the things one felt is impossible but then as it is said "'it's only words and words are all we have.. "
Join the course if you are seeking to drown in Gestalt.

Ranjana Mehta.png

Ranjana mehta

The abstract as well as profound principles of Gestalt were taught in a very lively, entertaining yet down to earth manner. The different interventions were made to seem so easy and doable that the practice sessions went well and boosted the confidence of the participants.
It also made the participants take a new look at their belief systems and long held fixed views of themselves and the world around them; making them feel empowered and liberated as now they had so many different ways to rescript their thoughts and belief systems to work for them.
The hybrid class of both online and offline students was seamless !!!


Samata Malkani

I enrolled to learn NLP and Gestalt from Anil. He is simply amazing as a life coach.

For me, the learning was how each of my multitude Present Moments are a sum of My Entire Life, in which I take responsibility for unhappinness or otherwise; in which my very Awareness of it, my very Acknowledgement of the same changes my perception of my own actions or inactions and help me alter it till my very existance resonates with the core state that I was created in.

Dr. Karuna Kapil.jpg

Karuna Kapil

I attended Gestalt Basic Workshop. And I experienced the potent inner silence that I am aware is the space of all the potencies, vulnerabilities, questions, answers, patterns, breakthroughs, sufferings, healings, insights, actions, strengths, and much much more.

In short, I came closer to Me every moment of that experience during those four days, I spoke of Myself more assertively (than before), more clearly than before, with gratitude for all beginning with myself with love for all, I saw myself more, I heard Myself more, I lived Myself more.


Neel Deshmukh

Gestalt was a unique experience for me. Scientific, methodical but something mystical about it. I could experience why it is called theatre. I could see interplay of characters in the head appearing in the matrix like “Six characters in search of an author” where author cannot control the characters. They have their own stories that unfold on their own. I waited for my moment when the chair would call me. It was building up in three days.
I liked the exercises. I would continue with them even after the course is over. "I am afraid of... and I am scared to.." is one of them.

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