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Level 2 : Masters

International Certification Course in
Gestalt Therapy & Psychology


17th to 21st Dec '24

(5 days)


06.00am to 08:00pm

(Including Breaks)


Fort Kochi,



Within Gestalt Therapy, we help you learn to create a safe space for the client to revisit,  feel and shed every layer of emotion that is not you. We demonstrate the creation of a comfort space for you to experience your inhibitions and walk you through real time therapy. A gestalt is born here. to break free the controls that happens when the society is at play. and emerges the many choices to move from one polarity to the other on the Tetralemma. Well what more can be said, Dick would say 'Gestalt is...'

  • Learn the art of melting metaphors in therapy

  • Experiental guidance to identify unmet needs and resolve them 

  • To understand overcompensation and staying unfinished. 

  • Learn to bring clarity and awareness to clients thought process

  • Making therapy very exciting and engaging 

  • Self expression in social settings and alone 

  • Classic Fritz' communication model and approaches.

  • Art of letting go of whatever is not you.

The body knows everything. We know very little.

Intuition is the body’s intelligence

- Fritz Perls

Counseling Skills 

Counselors will be able to help patients​

  • Creating a safe space for client.

  • Learn to perceive the layers of clients' pain point. 

  • Learn to clear neural pathway for therapy.

  • Learn to dissociate to bring clarity for renewed focus.

Therapy Tools 

Coaches will be able to help clients​

  • Connecting with ones true self. 

  • Detecting and acknowledging layers that need therapy.

  • Natural element therapy.

  • Understanding burdens and letting go. 

  • Structuring research objective

  • Studying past cases.

  • Mentored meticulous observation

  • . Organized Documentation.

Coaches will be able to help clients​

Research Papers


Adv. Coaching



Space Fluidity 

The Matrix

Body Manifestations

Models of Labyrinth 

Subtle Body Changes

Resolving Polarities 

Elicit Emotions

Language Approches

The 5 Rhythms 

Understanding Dreams

Systemic Constellation

Adv. Abnromal Psychology

Adv. Psychodrama

Alexander Technique 

Malleability & Movement 

What Makes our Gestalt Course Different?

Post Program Support

Life time Access to various resources related to the subject as well as the community.

Therapeutic Experience

Where we do real time therapy in the classroom so that you can truly experience how the tools of Gestalt can work 

Residential Learning 

Connect with the earth and yourself through a residential learning environment



Dr. Ranjana Mehta

Therapist & Owner of Circle of Life Therapies 

Gestalt  helped us to have a new look at the belief system that empowered and liberated us.

VS Ganesh Kumar

Commanding Officer, Indian Army

Gestalt Therapy helped me to rewire, reframe, and refine myself.

Gestalt Website (1).png

Sheena Fredric

Deputy Chief Cabin Crew, Air India

Its an experience to make You feel You again. 

Dr. Chavi Sharma

Prof and CEO,ICPW & Holistic Health

I joined the program to learn about Gestalt and came out feeling what Gestalt is...

What will you get

The Certificate  

International Gestalt Master



21 hours of Audio, Video and PDF content that I curate with very specific intentions and goals to prepare you for this journey of transformation.

Gestalt Manual

A intricately crafted documentation of techniques to handhold you through the process of letting go of what's not you .

Community Support 

My community and I stand strong like Redwood trees for each of you who reach out to seek our help.

 Anil Thomas

untitled (1 of 1)-18.jpg
  • I am an internationally certified NLP Trainer and Gestalt Practitioner and owe my therapeutic skills to Dr. Richard (Dick) McHugh; SJ. Ph.D.​

  • Through Fr Dick's teaching and my love for the subject, I was blessed to further learn NLP from John Grinder himself and other co-developers such as Judith DeLozier (Russia) and Robert Dilts (USA).

  • It's been 11 beautiful years of embodying and living gestalt in every breath, across the world.

  • I am a humble facilitator of Global Certification Courses in NLP and Gestalt across continents such as Australia, Russia, USA and China.

  • I am a proud mentor to the International Journal of Neurolinguistics & Gestalt Psychology (IJNGP).

  • And am also the creator of multiple books, podcasts, blogs, and research through which I aim to immortalise the value of my life and enrich every living soul I come across.

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